You opened the MAIN PAGE of the ASBmm site. Here you may find the following information:
  • “PROJECT DESCRIPTION” – information about the project and brief description of the model ASBmm
  • “NEWS” – news related to ASBmm
  • “HISTROY” – information about development of ASBmm and future plans on its improvement
  • “FAQ” – a list of questions that may arise while the user operates the model ASBmm
  • “DEVELOPERS”- information about the developers of the model ASBmm.

On the Main page by clicking the button “ENTER-REGISTER”, you may register and enter the model ASBmm (DESKTOP of Interface). You may shift between English and Russian languages (Rus/Eng), visit “Forum”, where you can share you opinion about the project, share results of your simulations through ASBmm, discuss similar models, problems and scenarios of the Aral Sea basin development, etc.
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