ASBmm – integrated model for assessment of aral sea basin development scenarios.

Water sector, ecology, hydropower, agriculture, climate change, socio-economic assessment, new technologies in computer modeling and forecasting.

This is a unique product in terms of wide coverage of water-related processes and tendencies in the Central Asian countries.


With the authorization system you can always continue your work from your last action made .

Navigation system

Step-by-step navigation simplifies the calculation process and helps you to avoid “getting lost” in your projects .

Long-term forecasts

The forecasting system produces results up to 2035.

“Flexible” calculation

The forecasting system considers a lot of parameters and produces accurate result to the extent possible.

Edit projects

You can always go back to earlier run project and edit input parameters.

Quick start

The User Interface contains easy-to-use information to enable quick shift between sections.

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